Past Seasons

The Suitors & A Doctor in Spite of Himself

by Jean Racine, Trans. by Richard Wilbur

Performed in the Winter 2011

Out first full-fledged comedy at the Courthouse! À la mode de Molière, Jean Racine’s riotous rhyming verse romp provides ample opportunity for disorder in the court, ambling iambically from the sacred to the profane. Few escapes the writers’ comic wrath as translator Richard Wilbur aids in hazing both the legal profession and the lawsuit-happy litigants who keep the judges well bribed, the lawyers well heeled, and the audience, well, in stitches. C’est un tort meringue!

Director & Cast

Director: Ed Shea

The Doctor in Spite of Himself
Jim Sullivan – Sganarelle
Liz Hallenbeck – Martine
Tom Roberts – Mr. Robert
F. William Oakes – Lucas
Jeff Church – Valere
Paula Faber – Jacqueline
Tom O’Donnell – Geronte
Erin Olson – Lucinde
Dillon Medina – Leadnre
Andrew Iacovelli – Thibaut
Peggy Becker – Birdie

The Suitors
Andrew Iacovelli – Jeannot
Dillon Medina – Le Clerc
Tom Roberts – Nigaud
Jeff Church – Leandre
F. William Oakes – Chicanneau
Paula Faber – Countess
Erin Olson – Isabella
Cookiemittens – Fido
Liz Hallenbeck – Prompter

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