Girls will be Girls

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Girls will be Girls

Melissa loved cock. Simple as that, any shape, any size, the bigger the better, whether it be a slow gentle shag on a regular sized cock, or a breathless fucking atop a 10 inch monster, she couldn't get enough.
Melissa was also a student, it's not importnat what she was studying, what was important was the arrival of her new lodger. Carrie was a demi-goth. She enjoyed heavy loud music, dressed in a majority of black clothing and had red streaks in her dark hair.
The two of them got on well until one night before Melissa's big exam. Carrie, as usual, was in her room, door closed, music blaring. Melissa was normally out, so didn't hear it, but tonight she needed to concentrate and couldn't. She tried to ignore it for as long as she could, but in the end she had enough. She left her room and stormed round to Carries room. She stopped at the door and was about to knock when the current song stopped and in the brief pause before the next heavy guitar riff, she could hear Carrie moaning, not in pain, but as if she was really enjoying herself. Melissa's first thought was milf porn videos that she had a guy in there with her, but Carrie would have said something. As the next song started Melissa very slowly and carefully opened the door about an inch and gasped at the sight that greeted her. Carrie was lying on her back, buck naked, with a large pale dildo vibrating between her open thighs. Her back was arched as her fingers strummed furiously at her engorged clit. She seemed oblivious to the entire world. Melissa knew she should shut the door and leave her be, pretend she hadn't seen a thing, but she couldn't, she was hypnotised by the sight of Carries wonderfully naked body. Her legs although pale were firm and long, and her breasts were wonderfully pert. Pretty soon Carrie's cries became louder and her fingers became a blur. Although Melissa had never before harboured any bisexual fantasies, she found herself growing damp between her thighs and wanted desperately to strum herself off. Before she could, Carrie reached an almighty /climax/">climax and nearly bucked herself off the bed. As she lay there in the afterglow of her climax with her eyes closed, she removed the dildo and licked the juices from her fingers, then just lay still breathing calmly.
Melissa very carefully shut the door and returned to her room. No longer was her mind focussed on the exam, but on her roommates beautiful body. That night she masturbated herself to sleep fantasising about sharing Carries juices with her.
The next day, Carrie left early and as Melissa's exam wasn't till the afternoon, she intended to spend the morning studying. But she could not, her mind was too full of lust and her body was still to sexed up after last nights bout of voyeurism. Finally, having had enough, and desperately needing a release, she sneaked into Carries room and began to hunt for the dildo. As she was going through the drawer in the bedside cabinet, she heard the bedroom door close and then the next thing she knew was an arm round her waist and a whisper in her ear. 'Is this what you're looking for?' Carrie held the dildo out in front of them and pressed her body tightly against Melissa's.
'I knew you were watching me last night.'
Melissa didn't know what to say and was secretly thankful when Carrie took the initiative and began to gently nibble on her ear lobe and then move down to caress Melissa's neck with her lips. Melissa was totally /submissive/">submissive as Carrie reached down to the buttons on Melissa's blowjob porn videos jeans and slowly began to undo them. She then followed them down and planted kisses all over Melissa's firm buttocks.
Melissa found herself widening her stance as Carrie fingered the material of her white panties and then slowly pulled them down to join the jeans. She then left her be for a second and told her not to move or turn round as she stripped out of her own clothes and told Melissa to remove her top and bra.
When they were both naked, Carrie once again took position behind Melissa, but this time the feel of hot skin on hot skin made them both whine with delight. Carrie still held the dildo and with one hand switched it on and began to tease it around Melissa's increasingly damp pussy lips, while her other hand caressed her hard little nipples. Melissa was now in a state of delirium and could only speak gibberish. She reached round to grip Carries buttocks and at the precise same time Carrie slipped the dildo up inside her causing her to grip Carries arse tightly as her legs turned to jelly, but Carrie held her up and slowly fucked her with the dildo, while continuing the attention to her neck and shoulders.
Melissa moved one of her hands from Carries arse and snaked it between them to finger Carries pussy, which caused Carrie to moan in her ear and quicken the pace of the dildo until neither of them could take anymore and discarded the dildo, to use their fingers on each other. They were soon both absolutely dripping wet. Carrie suddenly stopped and lay down on the bed, then opened her legs. 'Eat me, you little slut!'
Melissa was only too happy to oblige, but didn't see any reason why she should miss out and climbed atop Carrie into a 69. For the best part of an hour the only sounds from that room were the cries of multiple orgasms and the wet sound of two tongues working hard on two clits, until finally they both relented and lay down next to each other, both satisfied and both dripping in sweat, holding each other close and continuing to caress each other softly.
Needless to say Melissa never did make it to the exam, but instead she learnt how much fun two girls can have...much more useful in life.