new neighbors

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new neighbors

My name is Josh I was 20 and I live with my /girlfriend/">girlfriend Ashley and her best friend Pamela. Ashley and I had been dating for 4 years. She is 34-24-36, 5?5? and had straight black hair. Pamela was 5?3? had shorter black hair measured 34-26-32. Ashley and I shared a very openly sexual relationship. We loved to experiment in all possible scenarios. Ashley had a fetish for other /women/">women and so we had enjoyed many group sex encounters. Our roommate Pamela loved to join us in this regularly and we all were extremely comfortable with one another.

The neighboring apartment was empty and we hadn?t had anyone else living on the floor in a while until our new neighbors were moving in. When Ashley and I got back to our apartment we saw many boxes in and around the new neighbors place. We decided we?d introduce ourselves later in the evening when they would be done moving. As we got back home we saw porn videos download Pamela talking and laughing away with 2 women that we had never seen before. Pamela immediately introduced us to the girls, Kelly and Kristen. Kelly was Asian and her family had moved to the U.S. when she was born. She had a great body 34-24-34, 5?2? but very firm and had an /adorable/">adorable face. Kristen was a beautiful women half /american/">american and half Asian. She was 5?9? with a face of an angel. Her body was 32-24-30.

The night carried on with all of us having a few drinks and light conversations, telling our new neighbors about the neighborhood and other areas around the city. We ended up talking for over two hours to a point were the conversation got more personal. The conversation led towards relationships and hook ups. Soon it was out in the open that we were big time groupers. The girls were slightly shocked. They were more intrigued about the situation. They had confessed to have made out one night with each other but it was a very limited experience. They were very fascinated that we managed to keep such close relations with our friend (i.e. Pamela) after having slept together in a threesome multiple times.

Ashley knew that she had the power to turn this conversation into something amazing or let the moment pass. She seized the moment and asked ?do u guys want to see what it is like??

The girls seemed uncomfortable and at the same time intrigued. Kelly responded with ?are you serious?? while Kristen was blushing and not saying anything. Ashley affirmatively nodded back. To which Kelly looked and Kristen to check whether she was comfortable. Kristen was definitely nervous but she agreed and Kelly had become very eager.

Ashley led the girls to the bedroom and told me that I should wait on the chair while they get comfortable. It made perfect sense so I followed them into the bedroom but sat on the chair. Ashley was holding Kristen while Pamela started kissing Kelly. As Ashley began to kiss Kristen she slowly undid her own clothing and they both stood in their bra and panties as they kissed. Kristen?s hands were still around Ashley?s neck as she stood very nervous. While on the other side of the bed both Kelly and Pamela were passionately kissing only in their panties. Both their bare breasts were pressed up against each other as their kissing got more intense, Pamela began to caress Kelly?s firm breasts. Kelly hesitantly but calmly cupped Pamela?s ass cheeks and spanked her playfully. Pamela began to suck on Kelly?s perky nipples as she started to slide Kelly?s panties off.

There was soon moaning coming from Ashley and Kristen?s side, there Kristen was on her back as Ashley was rubbing Kristen?s pussy through her panties. There lips were still heavily locked but Kristen let out minor moans as her panties started to soak. Kristen gave Ashley an assure look to which Ashley unhooked Kristen?s bra and began kissing down her neck. Kristen reached around and fumbled with Ashley?s bra strap. She eventually prevailed and dropped it onto the floor. Ashley soon made her way downwards and onto Kristen?s breasts which she cupped and sucked. She kept moving lower and lower, kissing her way down onto her belly button. Ashley teased Kristen by slide her panties of my using her teeth. Kristen lay down bare and her well maintained bush was out. Ashley signaled me to get closer, so I did. As I walked towards Ashley my eyes drifted towards Kelly and Pamela. Pamela?s fingers were deeply inserted into Kelly?s pussy as they kissed passionately.

As I was at the foot of the bed I kneeled down. Ashley positioned Kristen closer to me. I was now positioned with my face above Kristen?s thighs that were still closed. I gently leaned forward and kissed her legs while my hand gently parted her legs. She did not show any hesitance. I looked up to see if she was ready but her lips were locked with Ashley?s lips. So I went ahead and licked her already moist vagina. She had an incredible aroma about her that made me want more. I began with gentle lips to her pussy lips but shortly I licked deeper inside her. I felt her body shake a few times, as her juices made my face wet. I then gently sucked on her clit and slowly guided my index finger into her now dripping /wet/wet-vagina/">wet vagina. Kristen jerked again and moaned softly which was muffed as her lips were still interlocked with Ashley. I dint want to hurt her and I was enjoying myself so I sucked, licked and fingered her very slowly. But not before long as my eyes move upwards I see Ashley?s Ass is covering my view of Kristen?s face as Kristen was eat her out. Kristen?s hands were holding Ashley up whilst Kristen ate her. This is turn made me very hard so my licks got faster and my finger went deeper and quicker. Her moans were muffled but definite, they sound as though it was pure pleasure. Her legs suddenly wrapped themselves around my neck and pulled me closer, I just kept on going deeper and faster. Soon she moved her head back and let out a non-muffled moan ?YEAAAAAAAA? MMMPPPFFFFF? MMMMmmmmm.. Yeaaaaaaaaa? oh god?, as she had her orgasm.

Now Ashley leaned forward and was on all fours with Kristen?s head in between her legs. I climbed onto the bed and was as hard as a rock. I drooped all my clothing to the side and was ready to go. But Kristen?s mouth was occupying Ashley?s Vagina and Kristen had just cum. So I notice that Ashley is spreading her ass cheeks with her two fingers giving me a view of her sexy /asshole/">asshole. I relished at this and slowly placed my hard head at the very opening of her hole. I loved the feel of her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass but I did not want to make her uncomfortable so I took my time in inserting my cock into her. I very slowly inserted the head. I could hear her moans of both discomfort and pleasure. She reached her had behind and grabbed my shaft. She slowly guided it inwards at her pace. I was in no hurry. Her body was twitching and she was biting her lips as Kristen was still between her legs. Now she had my cock almost completely inside her tightest hole and Kristen?s lips and fingers inside her vagina. She couldn?t control her moans at all, I had no idea whether it was me or Kristen but I knew Ash was loving it. I reached on hand in front and light grabbed her long black hair and placed my other hand firmly on her ass cheek. Once I had all of me inside her and from her moaning I could tell she could handle me, so I picked up the pace and was thrusting harder. She bit her lip and let out a few moans ? JOSH? YES josh baby pound me?. Ooohhhhhh yea honey?.? Just when I started to think it was me she moaned again ?fuckkk... soo good... just like that... suck /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy... make me cum? oooooooooo? im almost there.? But that jus made me wanna fuck her harder, which I did. I slide my shaft in and out deep into her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole so hard that her ass cheeks began to glow red. As I fucked her she placed her hands on my hips and sunk her nails in, she tried to guide me deeper inside. As I went all the way I exclaimed ?oh god! so fucking tight baby? I love your /ass/sexy-ass/">sexy ass? you like that baby?? as I spanked her. She was at her peak with me at her rear and Kristen in-between her legs. Ashley just burst ?YEAAAAAAAAAAHHH?. MMMMMMMMMM?. OHHHH fuck!..... YES!!! YESSS YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!...? and she squirted her juices onto the face of Kristen.

I pulled out of her quickly but gently. I couldn?t see Ashley?s beautiful skin tone as her ass was totally red. As we turned to our side we saw that Pamela had a dildo inserted into Kelly as they were watching us. I moved over to their side as Ash and Kristen seemed tired. My cock was hard and red at the tip. This was the first clear view Kelly had of my cock and she looked intimidated as she blurted out ?oh god that?s never gonna fit in me?. I stood there proud with my 8? cock waiting to prove myself. Pamela then comforted her by telling Kelly that she would smoothen it out for her. Pamela pushed me onto my back and quickly engulfed all that she could and licked around trying to lubricate it as much as she could. She then moved away and waited for Kelly and so did I. Kelly was nervous but she was determine she faced me and positioned her already wet and slightly dripping pussy over my hard and very wet cock. I put my hands on her hips and awaited her to straddle me. Kelly placed my shaft facing directly up inline with her pussy before she cautiously sat on it engulfing the entire head in the first intense. She was quickly accustomed to me inside her so she lowered herself quickly and engulfed 6? of my cock before letting out her first squeal. Kelly leaned over slightly and placed her hands on my chest as she started to move along my cock. She moved up slowly but quickly moved back downwards. She was constantly letting out squeals and moans. As her motions got a faster I placed one hand on her amazingly firm breast and cupped it. Kelly tilted her neck forward and licked that same hand. I firmly cupped her breast and moved my lips to her beautiful perky red nipple and sucked on it. Kelly then let out a clear moan ?ohhh JOSH?!! Right there? right there? oh god? don?t stop? oh yea? oh god!!... JOSH!!... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!? She sounded like she was ready to blow so I tried to slow my hip thrusting but she in turn went faster up and down. She rode my cock so fast that I had to hold her firmly to keep her from falling over. She rode me wild and hard and placed a hand on my face while the other one on her own breast when she let out a scream ?I?m GONNA CUM NOW!!!!! Uhhhhhhhh YEAAAAAAaaaaaa?!? And then I could feel her pussy clamp up and start to throb around my deeply inserted cock. She fell over onto the side with a hand on her tits and another on her vagina.

Pamela had been looking on and looked like she couldn?t take it any longer. So she straddled my already hard and now glowing cock but faced away from me. My hands were on her hips so she could comfortably get on. I was too hard to be too cautious and I knew that Pamela was already used to my cock inside her so not before long I began to move upwards and downwards pretty roughly. Pamela was on the par she rode me just as hard. I grabbed her breasts from around and squeezed em real good. She jus kept on riding me harder and faster. I could not help but moan ?That?s so fucking good? oh yeaaa ride me jus like that? ohh yeAH PAM!? She too could not control herself ?JOSh? keep going... keep going baby? ohhhh xxx my god! uhhh yeahhhhh? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? so good.? I could feel her body twitch and she started to slow down and as I could feel her cum on my cock she screamed ?ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessss.. Yess... yesssssss... mmmmmmmmm... thank you!?

I was very shocked that I was still hard and ready to go. But all the girls seemed kind of tired except for Kristen who seemed to be intrigued. She probably wanted to see what I would feel like inside her so she lay down with legs spread at the end of the bed. I got off the bed and positioned my cock in front of her pussy. Her pussy was starting to get wet but was relatively not as wet. But luckily my cock was covered with Pam?s juices so I steered my head straight into her /pussy/tight-pussy/extremely-tight-pussy/">extremely tight pussy. It was so tight that it could have been a virgin?s. /I tried to move in so and steady but she demanded I go in faster and deeper. I didn?t want to rip her apart so I went in deeper but maintained my pace. She did whence and shiver a few times but she bit her lips shut and dint let out more than a squeak and I had managed to enter more that 6? of my cock inside her. She then placed her hands on the remainder of my shaft that wasn?t inside her and she tried to guide me at a more comfortable pace for her. I did oblige and I paced my hands on her small but beautiful breasts. Her nipples were so hard that I pinched them constantly. Now I started to take my own pace and move quicker. She was moaning but defiantly enjoying because her hands were on my thighs and gripping it tightly. I jus kept on pumping her hard and her moans got more intense ?Josh? Josh? ouch? oooohhh.. yea? come on baby.. Mmmmmm fuck? that is perfect baby... just like that..!? I was panting away and sweat was dripping down my body. My /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock was starting to fill. But Kristen was at the edge ?i?m gonna cum... ooo i?m gonna cum?. Oooooooo yeaaa? i?m gonna cum baby?. Mmmmm i?m gonna cumm!.. AHHHHHHHHHH JOSH!!!? and she came again but this time around my cock.

I was at the edge as well and a few more moments I was gonna explode. Ashley could tell from my face so she lay down with her face towards me and my cock in front of her face. Kelly and Pamela were on both sides of her in anticipation. Ashley grabbed my cock in he mouth and I felt Kelly?s hand around the shaft. They were amazing well co-ordinate but I was at the max ?I?m gonna blow... OHHHHH FUCKKK!!! Off yea? ohhh FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!? Ashley pulled her mouth off and Kelly continued her stroking and I exploded ?I?m CUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMINNNGGG!!... UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH? GOD!? I blew my load straight onto Ash?s face but my load kept on going so I turned and sprayed Kelly and Pamela as well as Kristen just watched on.