The Holiday

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Holiday

This is my first attempt at an erotic story so please give me all your feedback so that I can improve. Thanks.


The holiday wasn?t going well. We had been there about four day already and only my wife?s brother in law had escaped the mystery illness that had hit our /party/">party. My wife was getting over it but her sister, Mia, and I were still not up to any holiday sight seeing. The other?s decided they would go on the next bus tour while Mia and I stayed back at the villa.

The others left early the next day for the coach tour. I got up and made a little light breakfast. Mia must have heard me and joined me in the kitchen.

?How are you feeling?? I asked.

?Not too /bad/">bad? replied Mia.

?Are you feeling up to some breakfast??

Mia nodded and made her way out onto the patio for some fresh air. I joined her and we chattered for a while over a bowl of cereal and some fruit juice. After about half an hour the sun was starting to get hot; Mia was wearing a short night shirt so she decided to change into a bikini. I was already in my shorts so I stayed outside while Mia got changed.

When Mia came out again she was wearing the smallest bikini I had ever seen. I had fancied Mia for years but never got any further than a quick grope of her bum when we had both had a drink. Mia walked past me, spread out a towel and lay on the sun bed.

I sat and stared at her near naked body as she lay in the sun. Mia?s breasts were almost falling out of the sides of her bikini top and her pubic mound was pushing the material of her panties out making her look as though she was wearing a small cricket box. I tried to white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie imagine what it would be like to run my hands all over her sexy body and peel off her panties exposing her most private parts to the sun.

Eventually I plucked up a little courage, ?Do you want me to rub on some sun oil for you Mia??

Mia looked over at me and then after a little hesitation said, ?OK, why not?

I was up in a flash and kneeling by the side of this near naked babe. Mia wasn?t thin but neither was she /fat/">fat. She had good sized breasts, wide hips and a little bit of a belly. Her skin was soft and silky looking and I could just see some dark pubic hairs sticking out from the side of the small triangle of material, which was doing its best to cover her /cute/">cute little mound. I opened the sun oil and started with her legs. /feet/">feet, ankles, lower legs and knees all received attention, rubbing the oil well into every pore of her skin. As I got higher Mia opened her legs a little so I had easy access to her inner thighs. My cock grew as I rubbed and kneaded the skin on the inside of her legs and made my way slowly closer to her tiny bikini bottoms.

The oil made it easy for my hands to slip, searchingly, between her legs. I held my breath when my finger came into contact with the thin material. Mia didn?t move, she just lay there letting me rub along the elastic that dipped down between her legs and follow the shape of her panties.

I added more oil to my hands and moved up to her midriff, spreading the fluid from the edge of her panties up over her belly to the bottom of her bikini top I then moved out to the side and back down to her hips. Should I take a gamble and rub some oil on her breasts I thought to myself. I decided that it was worth a go. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv Mia hadn?t stopped me putting oil up the inside of her thighs; in fact she?d opened her legs to to allow me access so I guessed that she was up for a little fun.

I put a little more oil on my hand and spread it over the valley between her breasts and up to her neck. Mia just lay there with her eyes shut so I moved outwards to her upper breast. She still didn?t stop me so I brought my other hand into the game and spread the oil over both of her breasts. I stopped at the edge of her bikini top but really wanted to slip my hands inside and squeeze her ample globes. I lost my bottle a little and stopped just short of my target.

?Turn over Mia and I?ll do your back.? I said.

Once Mia had settled on her stomach I started again at her feet and worked my way up her legs slowly. Pretty soon I was oiling the creases at the top of her legs where her buttocks started to rise and disappear into her panties. I oiled between her legs and, a little harder this time, rubbed against her panty covered pussy.

Her panties were small and didn?t quite cover her bum which left the top inch of her bum crack poking out above the top of the material. I oiled this part with relish and allowed my finger to slip between her buttocks. Still Mia stayed put and didn?t stop me.

I moved up her back oiling and massaging from her spine outwards, almost reaching underneath her. Mia started to moan, ?Mmmm, that?s nice? she said softly. I continued to oil her back but moved back down towards her bum making little circular movements with my hands. Mia moaned again with every circular motion. ?Mmm, Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmm?. I reached Mia?s panties again and slid my hands a little way underneath the material; not very far but far enough for Mia to realise what I was doing.

Without moving or trying to stop me Mia said, ?I wondered how long it would be before you tried to get inside my bikini?

I held my breath waiting for the inevitable command to stop, but it never came. ?I thought you might like it? I said and pushed my hands further down inside her bikini panties. ?I do? she replied. I caressed her buttocks with more circular motions, moving out and down until I was caressing her whole bum from top to bottom. My fingers slipped between her buttocks. I was almost sure that I had managed to rub the tip of my finger over her /tight/tight-anal/">tight anal entrance.

As Mia was not bothering to stop me I became more confident and pushed her panties down off her bum and onto the top of her legs. Mia lifted her hips off the sun bed so that the front of her panties could move easily down her legs. I decided to keep going and push them all the way off. I dropped the small garment onto the floor and looked back at Mia. Mia?s bum glistened in the sun.

I started back up her legs rubbing in more oil as I went. Again I slid my hand between her legs to her inner thighs and again Mia opened her legs slightly to ease my path. I could just see her pussy lips covered in a dark mask of curling hair. When I reached it I pressed my finger along the length of Mia?s pussy, as I had done earlier, but there was no material now preventing me from feeling the hairy lips.

Mia opened her legs wider indicating her desire for me to continue and giving my hand more room to work. I pushed my hand down and found her clitoris which was already enlarged. I rubbed at her little love button and slipped my thumb between her pussy lips. With all the oil that was about, and the fact that Mia was getting quite wet, my thumb easily slipped into her vagina. My own cock was rock hard now and I could see wet patch appearing on my shorts as it leaked out its pre-cum juices.

I moved two fingers into her vagina and started to thrust them in and out. Mia raised and lowered her bum and moaned a little more loudly. ?Mmm. Ohhhhh, Yyyyyeesssss? I increased the pace and force of my thrusts and slipped a finger from my other hand down between her bum cheeks. Sliding gently down the crack I came to the other little whole. I slipped my finger into her bum up to the second knuckle. Mia didn?t seem to care. She bucked her bum up and down pushing hard against my thrusts forcing the fingers in both her holes deeper and deeper.

Suddenly Mia cried out and her whole body went stiff ?OHHHHHHHHHH!? I felt my fingers get really hot all of a sudden as Mia came all over them. I pushed as deep as I could go, both inside her vagina and up her bum. Mia, still as stiff as a board, cried out again, ?EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?. I could feel her pussy muscles pulsing as more and more cum was sprayed out, running down on to the sun bed causing a huge wet patch on the towel.

I removed my fingers from Mia?s holes and allowed her to calm down while I gently ran my hand over her naked bum. Mia calmed over a few minutes and then turned her head to face me. ?That was a little naughty of you wasn?t it? she said.

I laughed, ?You put up a big fight I noticed.? Mia giggled, ?Shall we go inside for a little while? she said, ?May be into the bedroom.?

I stood up and held out my hand, ?I can?t think of a better place to be at the moment.? Mia got hold of my hand and we walked to my bedroom leaving her discarded panties on the patio beside the sun bed.