Bottom is more fun

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Bottom is more fun

During my senior year in school, I started school at a later date than most boys, I begain to like watching my school mates in the shower, they all were so neat and clean. But the taught of doing any thing was out of the question. But I was curious about sex with another man. 

I had a friend who was a couple years older than me. We used to go fishing and hunting , and swimmng all the time. we were naked and getting dry from our swim and Well he started to look at me with those eyes, just like I was looking at him with hunger in my eyes. 

He had such a large and /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock between his legs and it was long, soft yet. he touch my shoulder and told me you have such a nice rear it sticks out a little and the meat is there, he put his hand on my ass and I almost got hard right than and there, he asked me do you like that I told him heck yes please do it again. We were facing each other than and he put his arms around me and pulled me to him xxx sex video download free com and kissed me tongue fucked me really, and both of our cocks were hard. 

He asked me did you ever do anything with a boy or man, I told him no but I always wanted to. He said I would like to do something with you now. He told me I dont want to hurt you but I would like to fuck you. I looked at him and his cock and told him hou could never get that thing in me, ok he said we will wait, and we started to play with out cocks and they were hard , he got on his knees in front of me and started to suck my cock and did that feel good, /first-time/">first time a person had touched me and to have h im suck me was just out of this world, didnt take long for me to cum and he asked me if I wanted to try and do him, got on my knees and could put the head only in my mouth, but sucked on it and put my tongue in the hole and he didnt take long to cum either and rest and he told me we would try something deffirent next time. 

About a week later he and I were to be alone at his house for the week end so we decided to try and do it at that time. We both took showers and dried off and didnt put any clothes on , walked around that was got me hot sexxxx video ful hd and hard, but he had somthing else in mind, told me he had gotten stuff to help us or help me take h i m, he told me to lay my upper body on the table and he started to rub and kiss and lick my ass, I was feeling so darn horny , I wanted him to do something, my whole body was wanting somthing, and he got behind me and spread my ass cheeks, put a lot of stuff on it and around my hole and on his cock. 

Told me hold on I will t ake my time and you will enjoy it, so he put the head of his cock sgainst my hole and it felt good until he said hold on this may hurt a little and he pushed and the head went in hurt like hell and he kepted it there and it started to feel good and he could feel my relax and pushed a few inches in and that hurt like h ell, but started to feel good and again more was put in until I could feel h im against me and he had the whole /cock/fucking-cock/">fucking cock in me. hurt but when he started to go in and out very slow it felt so good, I told him dont stop do it and he startd to go in and out and faster and I cam and h e kept on going and pretty soon h e was cuming in me and ohhhhhh it felt so good that h ot juice in my ass. 

This was the beginning of a long time being the bottom. more stories about me in my 20s 30s and later.