First time Summer

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First time Summer

Hi my name is Beth and this is the story of last summer, before the start of my senior year. I had been going with Seth off an on since junior high. It seemed like we had known each other since birth. He was a really nice guy and at times when we kissed, he literally made my toes curl. We had necked in the back of his car and he had rubbed me through my clothes, but it hadn?t gone much farther then that. I always felt that he was the one and I would someday marry him, but we both had very strict up brings that hindered us from going all the way. He had managed to get a job planting trees which meant he would be staying in a camp with the other tree planters all summer. 

It had been a couple of weeks since we said good bye when my parents got tired of me moping about and suggested I go and spend some time with my friend Rachel. We had been really good friends when she moved in December to be with her mom to a town about 100 miles away. I was excited and we made the arrangements for me to travel by bus to stay with Rachel for a month. When I got there I found it wasn?t going to be as much fun as I expected as Rachel had a summer job which consumed her days and a boyfriend alain lyle porn that consumed her nights. Rachel told me that Will was 4 years older then her and they were already going all the way. Will it seems was quite experienced and Rachel told me that she was thoroughly enjoying this aspect of their relationship. 

Rachel?s mother worked nights and slept during the day. So I would not get too bored and would be out of the house during the day when her mother was sleeping, Rachel hooked me up with Will?s friend Richard. I was reluctant at first because of my relationship with Seth, but it did fill my days. They called him Birdie as a nickname instead of Dick, a throwback to his childhood I guess. He was about 5?10? with sandy hair and blue eyes. Birdie wore classes that were as thick as coke bottle bottoms and didn?t quite have a handle on fashion. He was neat, but just not as hip as Will. Will was very athletic looking and everything was just so with him. 

It didn?t take very long for Birdie and I to making out like Seth and I. He would rub my breasts through my blouse and I would thrust my pelvis against his leg. He would drive me /crazy/">crazy as he French kissed me and nibbled my neck and earlobes. My nipples would swell to the point that indian santali xvideo he could squeeze them through my bra and blouse. He would get me to the point that I was moaning and thrusting against him and he would bring his body over mine. I could feel him through his jeans. It was wonderful to have him pressing himself against me faster and faster. The lump in his pants seemed to fit against my Clint, through the layers of jeans and panties. We would do this for a few minutes and his whole body would stiffen and he would stop pressing against me a roll off. This was leaving me very hot. I could barely stand the pressure of my jeans against my vagina. I would attempt to get Birdie interested in rubbing me some more by kissing him around the neck and lips, but he would just push me away and hang his head, almost as if he was embarrassed. He would always excuse himself and leave the room to head to the bathroom.

Since Birdie was Will?s age, he could buy beer, so my last week at Rachel?s we all decided to spend a day together and go to the state fair. We picked up a couple of six packs and finished them off. We spent the day at the fair, enjoying each other?s company. If Birdie could do nothing right, it seemed Will could do nothing wrong. He was funny when Birdie was awkward. He was cool where Birdie was spilling mustard on his shirt. I found that I could see why Rachel was so attracted to him. I am sure the beer had something to do with it but I was laughing at all of Will?s jokes. By the end of the day, I found myself finding excuses to reach across in fornt of him at the picnic table so my breasts would brush against his arm. Each time I did, it would send shivers through my body. I could feel my clit begin to swell. I was pressing my knees together to apply pressure on it to keep the feeling going. 

Rachel?s mom was going to work at 9 so we all headed back to her house. By this time my breathing had quickened and I was looking forward to getting Birdie in the spare room. I wanted Will, but Birdie was going to have to do. When we got to the house, Rachel and Will sat down on the couch and told us they were going to watch a little TV. Rachel was probably going to bed because she had to work and Will would wait downstairs for Birdie and they would head home together. I took Birdie by the hand and lead him upstairs to the spare bedroom where I had been staying. I meant business. As soon as the door closed behind us, I threw myself at him and began kissing him so hard, I thought I was going to become part of him. The thoughts of Will all day were driving me wild. I grabbed Birdie?s shirt and started to unbutton it. As I opened it, I started kissing him down his chest. If my breathing was coming in pants, Birdie?s was coming in gasps. Once I got to his belt buckle I stood up and pulled my top out of my jeans and took Birdies hand and pulled them up under my top until they rested on my bra. I again dove at his mouth and shoved my tongue between his lips. My nipples were hard and Birdie had no problems finding them through my bra. Each time he squeezed them, I pushed my groin against his thigh that was firmly planted against it. I was groaning by now and was working on autopilot. I wanted his cock, I wanted it now. I felt his hands raising my still fastened bra over the tops of my nipples. This sent waves of sensation through my pussy. I could feel his leg between mine. I brought my hands down his chest and moved away a bit so I could rub his cock through his jeans. I could feel it like a water hose in his pants, I had to see it, and I had to feel it. I started to kiss his smooth chest and grabbed his belt and tore it open. I grabbed the zipper and pulled it down. The room was filled with my moans and both of us gasping for air. Leaning against the door, I pried the button open and put my hand inside his jeans. I was hungry to have his cock; I needed it after all the weeks of frustration. I felt for the /first-time/">first time a penis. My hand fit easily around it and it felt like it was about six inches long. I maneuvered it out of his underwear. I gasped with passion and started to grip it and began to kiss his stomach as I headed hungrily toward my prize. Suddenly Birdie?s body started to stiffen and I felt his penis start to pulse and a white fluid started to shoot out and splatter on the floor his jeans and me. A moan of regret issued from his lips and it was like someone let the air out of him as he collapsed against the door and /hung/">hung his head. 

I asked, ?what can we do?? ?Nothing? he said dejectedly and started to do his clothes back up. For all his years, he looked like a little boy who had just killed the family pet. I reassured him that I was fine and it was ok, but really I was still feeling like an animal looking for a kill. My nipples were still as swollen as ever. Even the feel of my top?s fabric rubbing against then was sending sensations to my pussy. These feelings needed to be satisfied. Suddenly what Rachel had told me about Will came flooding through my mind. I needed to have him! I needed someone who knew what they were doing. Before Birdie left the room, I asked if he would check to see if Will was still watching TV. I said there was something private I had to ask him and if Birdie would, please ask Will to come up and see me by himself.

The thoughts of having Will while Birdie sat unsuspecting downstairs made me even hotter. Since I was still dressed, I decided to shed my jeans, they only had been a source or frustration and grief to me anyway. I quickly undid my jeans and kicked them off into the corner of the room. I reached down to feel my clit. I panties felt silky because they were so wet. Touching my self started my stomach muscles contracting. The sensation caused me to moan. I pulled my hand up to the top of my panties and shoved it down under the band and let my fingers rub my clit. It was swollen and it could feel it move under my finger. I quickly flicked my fingers over it and my legs began to quiver to the point I almost fell over. There was a musky smell coming up from my pussy. I brought my fingers to my nose and they smelt strongly of me. To hide what I had done, I put them in my mouth to suck the smell off. For some reason, I found that tasting me and sucking fingers was also causing my muscles inside my pussy to react. 

I hopped into bed and got under the covers in hopes Will would answer my request and come up to talk about ?something? private. Once under the covers, I reached around and undid my bra. I decided I would toss it along with my top into the corner with my jeans. I was trembling under the covers in my panties, but not from the cold, I wanted cock.