Young Lust74

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Young Lust74

Wendy and Amelia were both spending the night on a camping /trip/">trip with their families. Both were just over 16 and best friends since 10. Amelia had long, red hair and Wendy's was long and dark /blonde/">blonde. Amelia had decided to go on a walk by herself and told everyone she would be back in a few hours. Wendy heard of this news shortly after Amelia left and decided to go look for her. After walking and searching a while, she was about to give up when she heard a splashing sound come from the direction of the lake. Of course! Wendy hadn't even thought to look in the lake. She moved her way through some vines, making her own alternate route to the lake and saw Amelia from behind. She was just standing there and sort of wading around, completely in the nude. As Wendy watched, she couldn't help noticing how beautiful Amelia's body was. Her breasts weren't very big, but were at least a handful, about like hers. She had a trim, slender body. Wendy had many secret lesbian fantasies, but had never even thought of telling anyone. Wendy was wet as hell as she watched Amelia wading around, occasionally backstroking, showing off her figure. She had the feeling for a while that Amelia knew of her secret desires and shared them, but just needed to be led into experimentation with the right girl. Wendy took her fingers out of her dripping snatch, undressed, and slid quietly into the water, being careful not to alert Amelia to her presence.

Wendy went underwater and swam over to Amelia's backside. She surfaced behind her, slowly coming up. Wendy reached her hands under Amelia's arms and around her body, grabbing her wet breasts. Amelia was startled. "Oh! Wendy! Where did you come from?" "Just thought I'd find you, and you know, see what you're up to" Wendy said as she palmed Amelia's breasts, and played with her nipples. "Why?...Are you disappointed?" Wendy added. "No, just the opposite, replied Amelia. "Mmmmm good." Amelia ducked down a little and reached back, grabbing Wendy's long hair and letting it flow through her fingers. She then tilted her head back as the two kissed for the first since being friends. It was long and passionate. They broke up long enough for Amelia to turn around, then returned to kissing hard as their hands were exploring each other's excited bodies. They broke again and Wendy smiled at Amelia before going under. Amelia felt Wendy's lips touch her horny vagina before feeling Wendy blow a stream of bubbles into her, /tickling/">tickling her a little. Wendy slowly kissed her way back up, and breathed "How did you like that, honey?" less than an inch from Amelia's lips. Amelia giggled "Niiice" before she went under herself and swam to a nearby muddy bank.

She popped up and waved to Wendy. "Come on" she motioned. Wendy wasted no time getting there. Once at the bank, she crawled up to where Amelia lied. Amelia threw some mud at her, playing. "/bitch/">bitch" Wendy said, laughing and threw some back, as Wendy rushed her, jumping on top, and started necking her as she moved down to take Amelia's left breast into her wet mouth, sucking hard and tasting it, circling it with her tongue while rubbing her hot little snatch. She switched to the other nipple as Amelia was squirming below. Wendy free porn movies download then started slowly inserting one very muddy finger into her snatch, sliding it in further and further slowly as she talked a little trash. "You like that? Huh, you little slut?" She then inserted another finger and eventually worked in a third. Amelia then interrupts to suggest that they should both break each other in, in the 69 position. Amelia wanted a shot at Wendy's snatch, too. They both moved into the 69 position and Amelia quickly worked her way to catch up with Amelia. Amelia was the first to insert her entire fist into Wendy's /boxing/hot-box/">hot box as Wendy screamed, stopping momentarily. Amelia kept pumping, though Wendy's virgin mound was bleeding. Then Wendy violently shoved her entire fist into Amelia hard saying "Yeah baby, how bout that?!"

Amelia screamed in pain and pleasure. Both started to pump each other with their fists as they rubbed at each other's g-spots. Both were so turned on by the fact that they were being broken in by each other, best friends since chidhood, that after full hd xvideo download a short time, they both came like volcanoes. Amelia pulled out slowly, followed by Wendy as they washed off in the lake and went back to goofing around. After a short while, Amelia started back with the mudfighting. They were slinging back and forth a little when Amelia jumped on Wendy, kissing as they fell to the ground, rolling around with the wet, shiny mud glistening off their young bodies. They stop with Amelia on top, rubbing her pussy and body against Wendy's curvy figure. The friction of their two vaginas and breasts rubbing each other drives them /crazy/">crazy. Amelia stops and tells Wendy to "Lie still." Amelia moves down to Wendy's vagina and starts packing it with as much mud as she could fit in. "What are you doing?" asks Wendy. "Trust me" replies Amelia. When Wendy's filled up, Amelia shoves in one finger and starts fingering around her /vagina/hot-vagina/">hot vagina. Wendy is in heaven as they are both covered in mud and Wendy feels dirty as hell with all that cool, sloppy mud sloshing around her warm cunt and her /friend/best-friend/">best friend's finger teasing her.

When Amelia finally gets to the g-spot, Wendy cums hard. "Yes! God yes! Aahh..yeah." "So. You like?" asked Amelia. "You know it, girl. Now. Let me show you something." Wendy says panting. Wendy gets up and tells Amelia "I'll be right back." "All right." Wendy swims over to grab her shirt from her pile of clothes and brings it back wet. "Oo, what are you gonna do with that?" Amelia asks. "You'll see in a minute" Wendy smiles. Wendy rips a piece of the shirt off and throws the rest to the ground. Wendy then grabs the towel that Amelia brought, finds a dry spot of grass, and lies it down. She the grabbed some firm, dry, black dirt that was next to a nearby tree and placed it in the middle. Somehow, Wendy proceeded to turn the ordinary bathtowel into a homemade dildo, tying it off with a piece of her wet t-shirt. Amelia's amazed. "Where did you learn to do that?" "Wouldn't you like to know? Now. Spread them legs, honey!" Wendy said. Amelia gets down, spreads into the position, and says "Fuck me, baby!" Wendy gets down and rubs the furry phallus over her pussy lips. Wendy acts like she's going to start slow as she positions just the head into her cunt, then out of nowhere, starts slamming it into her horny womanhood hard and fast as Amelia screams hard, caught off gouard for a moment. In a minute, Amelia cums hard as Wendy suckles at her tit, then moves to clean her out. "Was it good for you?" asks Wendy. "Mmm-hmm" coos Amelia and they both move to the water to clean off. Right after they clean off, they hear "Wendy! Wendy!" They quickly throw their clothes back on and go back to their families camp areas. This was just the beginning of a whole new aspect to their friendship.