Season 2010-11

The Good Doctor

by Neil Simon

Performed in the Spring of 2011

A writer (probably Chekhov himself!) is suffering from writer’s block, so he reads and writes with his audience as inspiration.

Director & Cast

Director: Ed Shea

John Michael Richardson – The Writer
Jonathan Jacobs – Cherdyakov (The Sneeze)
Vince Petronio – General (The Sneeze)
Peggy Becker – Madame B. (The Sneeze)
Elise Arsenault – Wife (The Sneeze)
Erin Sheehan – Julia (The Governess)
Gloria Christ – Wife (The Governess)
Andrew Iacovelli – Kuryatin (Surgery)
Nicholas Thilbeault – Wife (Surgery)
Joan Batting – Woman (Waiting for Happiness)
Jeff Church – Peter (The Seduction)
Laura Sorensen – Wife (The Seduction)
Dillon Medina – Husband (The Seduction)
F. William Oakes – The Tramp (The Drowned Man)
Max Ponticelli – Police Officer (The Drowned Man)
Donna Lubrano – Girl (The Audition)
Joe Henderson – Kistunov (A Defenseless Creature)
Pam Faulkner – Woman (A Defenseless Creature)
Kevin Brocolli – Assistant (A Defenseless Creature)
Will Valles – Boy (A Defenseless Creature)
Valerie Westgate – Girl (A Defenseless Creature)

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