Shirley Valentine

Shirley Valentine

Art by Matt Castigliego

By Willy Russell

In Willy Russel’s captivating one-woman tour de force, an unfulfilled housewife fixes dinner while ruminating on her husband, her children, her life and, most importantly, her upcoming unannounced Greek holiday—a trip that leads to a life-changing romantic tryst and a mid-life fork in the road. With every tentative step, the audience is taken along for the ride as Shirley journeys toward self-confidence, self-discovery and, finally, liberation.

UpStage / Mar. 10 thru Apr. 2

Director & Cast


Mark Peckham


Shirley – Joanne Fayan

Production Staff

Costume Design – Ron Cesario
Scenic & Lighting Design – Max Ponticelli

Ticket Pricing
Regular – $35
Preview (online) – $20
Preview (phone/in-person) – $25
Under 25 – $25*
* – Proof with ID required at the door, not available for Previews.

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