Season 2013-14

Seven Keys to Baldpate

Seven Keys to Bald Pate by George M Cohan | artwork by Candis Dixon

artwork by Candis Dixon

by George M Cohan

This ‘mysterious, melodramatic farce’ tells the story of a writer sequestered in a deserted hotel who has been challenged to pen a novel in one night. And what a wild, wooly, wonderful night it is.

UpStage / January 24 thru February 23

Director & Cast

Director: Ed Shea

Anthony Pesare – Elijah Quimby
Liz Hallenbeck – Mrs. Quimby
Ara Boghigian – Magee
Joe Henderson – Bland
Erin Elliott – Mary Norton
Joan Batting – Mrs. Rhodes
John Michael Richardson – Peters
Tanya Anderson – Myra
Jeff DiSisto – Lou Max
Jim Sullivan – Jim Cargan
Tom Roberts – Hayden
Andy Stigler – Kennedy
Max Ponticelli – Cop
Brendan Macera – Owner

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