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Le Dindon or The Dupe

Le Dindon by Feydeau by Georges Feydeau |  artwork by Matt Castigliego

artwork by Matt Castigliego

by Georges Feydeau

In keeping with our tradition of providing audiences with a late-winter blues panacea, we’ll mount this masterpiece of mistaken identities, illicit assignations and frenzied libidos. Laughter and l’amour à la mode de Feydeau. Vive la comedie!

UpStage / March 14 thru April 13

Director & Cast

Director: Ed Shea

Ashley Hunter Kenner – Lucienne
Ara Boghigian – Pontagnac
Tom Bentley – Vatelin
Charles Lafond – Jean
Jeff Church – Rédillon
Hillary Parker – Madame Pontagnac
Rae Mancini – Anabelle Soldignac
Jeff DeSisto – Soldignac
Laura Sorensen – Colette
Brendan Macera – Victor
F. William Oakes – Manager
Erin Elliott – Clara
Jim Sullivan – Pinchard
Pam Faulkner – Madame Pinchard
Walter Cotter – Inspector
John Michael Richardson – Gérome

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