Season 2014-15


Enron by Lucy Prebble

artwork by Matt Castigliego

by Lucy Prebble

A highly theatrical and darkly exhilarating tale of the corporate crime that defined the end of the twentieth century. A cross between insightful analysis and savage satire, this unique business ‘thriller’ dazzles the eye and tickles the brain as it moves gracefully between black comedy and classical tragedy.

UpStage / October 3 thru November 2

Director & Cast

Director: Trevor Elliott

Ken Lay – Tom Roberts
Claudia Roe – Tanya Anderson
Andy Fastow – Ara Boghigian
Jeff Skilling – Ed Shea
The Lawyer – Michael Zola
Sloman – Tania Montenegro
Reporter – Erin Elliott
Trader & Others – Brendan Macera
Trader & Others – Daniel Caplin
Trader & Others – James Lucey
Trader & Others – Chris Conte
Trader & Others – Marlon Carey
Virtual Girl – Elizabeth Kinnane

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