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Vintage Christie at 2nd Story

If you haven't seen the play...where have you been?

by Don Fowler, Warwick Beacon
  • 20th July 201420/07/14
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There’s no question that Agatha Christie is the Queen of whodunnits.

2nd Story Theatre gave us a great “The Mousetrap” last year, and now follows it up with Christie’s classic “And Then There Were None.”

If you have seen the play, the element of surprise at the ending will be gone. Or maybe you forgot who did it. If you have not seen the play…where have you been?

Director Ed Shea presents the play in three quickly moving acts, with his patented two-hour running time.

Karl Pelletier’s glorious set, depicting a posh island estate, will also serve for Noel Coward’s “Hay Fever,” which is being performed with a different cast in repertoire.

The plot is a bit talky, as 10 guests arrive by boat at the island estate, where they are told that the host has been delayed. A storm is brewing and their contact with the mainland is cut off. No electricity. No telephone. No boat. A recorded voice comes over a loudspeaker, accusing each guest of causing the deaths of one or more innocent people. One by one the victims are eliminated in the manner of an old song. As the audience tries to guess who the killer is, another one bites the dust.

It is all good fun, if a bit old and creaky. The cast of 11 is good, working well together. Standouts (the ones who last past the second intermission) include the always-good Jim Sullivan, Charles LaFond, Nathanael Lee and Paula Faber.

While this is not my favorite Christie play, it is always a pleasure to see it done well, a credit to the director and the actors.

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