Season 2009-10

To Kill A Mockingbird

Novel by Harper Lee
Script by Christopher Sergel

Performed in the Fall of 2009

Scout says, “It’d sorta be like shootin’ a mockingbird, wouldn’t it?”
She knows.
The seeds are planted.
As I write this, my mind keeps going back to the student matinees we did this week and the emotional, and often quite vocal, responses of the children. There were gasps of fear, audible groans at the social injustice, some tears, and finally, exuberant applause.
This is an important story.
It needs to be told and retold and passed down to our children.
We have tried to tell it simply and honestly.
-Mark Peckham

Click here for more information on To Kill A Mockingbird, or better yet – visit your local library!

Director & Cast

Director: Mark Peckham

Evan Kinnane – Jem
Vince Petronio – Atticus
Margaret Durning – Scout
Arek Shneyer – Dill
Jona Cedeno – Tom Robinson
Bradford Greer – Rev. Sykes
Paula Faber – Maudie Atkinson
Pam Faulkner – Stephanie Crawford
Amy Thompson – Mayella Ewell
Liz Hallenback – Mrs. Dubose
Jonathan Jacobs – Arthur ‘Boo’ Radley
Walter Cotter – Judge Taylor
Roger Balanger – Walter Cunn

Humanities Essay

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