Past Seasons

The Rose Tattoo

by Tennessee Williams

Performed in the Spring of 2013

Tennessee William’s seldom-produced intoxicating fairy tale for grown-ups – a delightful, sexy, poetic story of the sexual salvation of a Sicilian widow – will have you wondering why you’ve never seen it onstage. There’s no better way to celebrate the rites of spring than Tennessee at his sensual, spiritual, lyrical best.

Director & Cast

Director: Ed Shea

Rae Mancini – Serafina
Ara Boghigian – Alvaro
Valerie Westgate –Rosa
Andrew Iacovelli – Jack
Vince Petronio – Father de Leo
Paula Faber – Assunta
Liz Hallenbeck – Strega
Laura Sorensen – Estelle
Emily Lewis – Flora
Gayle Hanrahan – Bessie
Jim Sullivan – Salesman
Tanya Anderson – Miss Yorke
Anthony Pesare – Doctor
Pam Faulkner – Peppina
Eroin Olson – Violetta
Marcia Layden – Giuseppina
Matthew Pirraglia – Child
Rosalie Martin – Child
Reese Martin – Child

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