Past Seasons

The Divine Sister

by Charles Busch

Performed in the Spring of 2012

An homage to habits, a paean to postulants, and a halleluiah to Hollywood, Charles Busch’s outrageous spoof of the sometimes silly, one-time ubiquitous genre, the nun movies, lifts the art of satire to heavenly hieghts. No sister act is too sacrosanct for this maestro of mockery, this prima donna of parody, to lampoon: from The Bells of St. Mary to The Singing Nun, Busch deferentially tempers his send-up of the sanctimonious with adoration, sentimentality and pure joy.
Although this play sound wholesome, don’t let it fool you!: leave the kids at home.

Director & Cast

Director: Ed Shea

Ashely Hunter Kenner – Agnes
Janine Weisman – Sister Walburga/Mrs. MacDuffie
Rae Mancini – Sister Acacius
John Michael Richardson – Mother Superior
Peggy Melozi – Mrs. Levinson/Timothy
Jim Sullivan – Jeremy/Brother Venerius
Dillon Medina – Young Jeremy
Jeff Church – Young Mother Superior
Valerie Westgate – Young Sister Acacius

also showing on this stage:

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