Season 2013-14

Sons of the Prophet

Sons of the Prophet by Stephen Karam | artwork by Candis Dixon

artwork by Candis Dixon

by Stephen Karam

Just as darkness shows off brilliance, this poignant comedy makes us see that facing grief is the best way to ease its grip. His nuanced, comic storytelling holds pain and pleasure together in startling balance, never trivializing either.

DownStage / October 25 thru November 24

Director & Cast

Director: Wendy Overly

Jed Hancock-Brainerd – Joseph Douaihy
Paula Faber – Gloria Gurney
Andrew Iacovelli – Charles Douaihy
Vince Petronio – Bill Douaihy
Sharon Carpentier – Dr. Manor, et al
Charles Lafond – Timothy
Susan Bowen Powers – Ticket Agent, et al
Nathan Goncalves – Vin

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