Summer 2011

Master Class

by Terrence McNally

Performed in the Summer of 2011

Inspired by a series of master classes conducted by the late, great diva, Maria Callas, this sparkling, rich, mercurial play puts la divina back onstage as she coaxes, prods and inspires her “victims” into giving the performance of their lives, while she rivetingly regales us with the secrets – professional and personal – of her own.

Director & Cast

Director: Ed Shea

Gloria Crist – Maria Callas
Charlie Elder – Accompanist
Stephanie Morgan – 1st Soprano
Jackie Pina – 2nd Soprano
Joshua Christianson – Tenor
Bob Colonna – Ari

Maria (Crist) teaches her 2nd Soprano (Pina). Maria (Crist) gets familiar with her Accompanist (Elder) Maria Callas (Crist) revels in the piece chosen by the Tenor (Christianson) as the Accompanist (Elder) plays on. Ari (Colonna) comes back to life in the memory of Maria (Crist) The 2nd Soprano (Jackie Pina) gets a lesson from the famous Maria Callas (Gloria Crist) Stephanie Morgan as the 1st Soprano, Charlie Elder as the Accompanist, and Gloria Crist as Maria Callas. Gloria Crist is Maria Callas in 'Master Class' Gloria Crist is Maria Callas in 'Master Class' Bob Colonna as Ari and Gloria Crist as Maria Callas The Cast of 'Master Class' at 2nd Story Theatre

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