Summer 2014

Hay Fever

Hay Fever by Noel Coward

artwork by Matt Castigliego

by Noel Coward

This classic comedy introduces us to the uber- bohemian Bliss family: the father, a famous writer; the mother, a renowned actress, and two equally eccentric children. Each invites a friend to their summer home where the hosts foist each guest off on a different family member, with alarmingly delightful results.

In Rep UpStage / July 18 thru August 29

Director & Cast

Director: Ed Shea

Rachel Nadeau – Sorel
Patrick Mark Saunders – Simon
Suzy Bowen-Powers – Clara
Joanne Fayan – Judith
John Michael Richardson – David
Brendan Macera – Sandy
David Sackal – Myron
Nicholas Thibeault – Richard
Amy Thompson – Jackie

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