Die, Mommie, Die!

Die, Mommie, Die!

Artwork by Candis Dixon

by Charles Busch

What a drag!!! Faded song stylist, Angela Arden – trapped in a loveless marriage and estranged from her ill-tempered offspring – attempts to set herself free by murdering her ailing husband. When her children begin to suspect their mother in their father’s death, Angela’s hopes for a new life fall outrageously apart. This clever, kitsch, psychedelic satire of ’60s celluloid classics will give “summer camp” a whole new meaning.

UpStage in Rep / July 17 to August 28

Director & Cast

Ed Shea

Bootsy Carp – Peggy Melozzi
Angela Arden – Payton St. James
Tony Parker – Wayne Kneeland
Edith Sussman – Valerie Westgate
Lance Sussman – Patrick M. Saunders
Sol Sussman – F. William Oakes

Ticket Pricing
Regular – $25
Preview – $10

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