Past Seasons

Communicating Doors

by Alan Ayckbourn

Performed in the Fall of 2011

If you liked Comic Potential, you’ll love Communicating Doors. Alan Ayckbourn’s terrifyingly funny, film noir-esque comedy thriller takes us on a perilous, zany, time-traveling journey as regrets are reversed, past hurts are undone, mistakes are modified, and murder (yes, murder!) gets a make-out. Finally it’s back to the future with a surprisingly sweet, happily-ever-after denouement. It’s enchanting! It’s chilling! It’s hysterical! It’s ingenious! It’s Ayckbourn!

Director & Cast

Director: Ed Shea

Lara Hakeem – Poopay
Terry Shea – Julian
Wayne Kneeland – Reece
Sharon Carpentier – Ruella
Joe Ouellette – Harold
Laura Sorensen – Jessica

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