Season 2015-16

Catholic School Girls

Artwork by Roz

by Casey Kurtti

Black and white habit-ed authority figures and family-life pressures strain the bonds of friendship as our ragtag, plaid-clad, knee-socked quartet navigate the rocky road to adolescence. This endearing chronicle of Catholic school life in the ’60’s has a unique, tour de force turn: Each of four gifted actresses plays both a nun and a first-through-eighth grade girl. It’s a gem of a play, gently recalling the fears and insecurities accompanying the “carefree” days of youth.

DownStage / April 1 – 24

Cast & Crew


Ed Shea


Lara Hakeem as Maria
Ashley hunter as Wanda
Erin Olson as Colleen
Valerie Westgate as Elizabeth

Production Staff

Costume Design – Ron Cesario
Lighting Design – Steve Mclellan
Scenic Design – Max Ponticelli
Stage Manager – Lisa Westfall

Ticket Pricing
Regular – $30
UpStage Subscribers – $25
Preview – $10
Under 21 – $20

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