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Number 6

Number 6
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Ed Shea, Artistic Director at 2nd Story Theatre

For me, no season is complete without a good ol’ fashioned sex farce.And nobody does it better than Feydeau.

This year’s entry is Charles Morey’s The Ladies Man, an adaptation of Feydeau’s seldom-produced but nonetheless sparkling comedy, Tailleur pour Dames.

Here’s the story:

Recently married Dr. Hercule Molineaux tells “one, tiny, little, hardly noticeable lie” to cover an innocent but embarrassing indiscretion. From that single untruth tumbles a cascade of increasingly convoluted deceptions, misunderstandings and mistaken identities. Compounding Molineaux’s troubles are a suspicious wife, a gorgon of a mother-in-law, an outrageously aggressive female patient, her violently jealous Prussian husband, a well-intentioned friend with a serious lisp, a valet with attitude, a maid with a secret and more slamming doors than realistic architecture should ever accommodate, coming to a close with, in true Feydeau style, the happiest of endings.

And here’s what critics have said about recent productions:

“I can’t recall the last time I laughed so hard”
“Simply brilliant”
“A comic confection”
“A comic minefield”
“One of the funniest plays I have seen in years”
“A bona fide blockbuster.”

Like last season’s The Dupe, this promises to be one terrific night out.

So that’s 6 down. 2 to go.

Tomorrow: One of the best titles ever. And I mean ever.


And Then There Were None

UpStage in Rep / Our Last Weekend!
A mysterious host brings an unlikely group of guests to a remote island where, one by one, they start to die. Who’s the killer? Who’s the next victim? Following the success of last summer’s Mousetrap, we thought we’d invite you to enjoy another murderously entertaining whodunit.

Hay Fever

UpStage in Rep / Our Last Weekend!
This classic comedy introduces us to the uber- bohemian Bliss family: the father, a famous writer; the mother, a renowned actress, and two equally eccentric children. Each invites a friend to their summer home where the hosts foist each guest off on a different family member, with alarmingly delightful results.

Sylvia is back September 4 thru 14!

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