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Momentous Moments

Momentous Moments

Ed Shea, Artistic Director at 2nd Story Theatre

On the evening of Sunday, February 15, we will launch a new program, one that’s been brewing for a long time.It’s geared toward folks who LOVE theatre, but who have little, if any, first hand knowledge of the process of creating it.Over the years, in post-performance discussions, I’ve found there’s a hunger for glimpses into the theatrical process: What makes a play work? Who was responsible for a successful moment or scene? The playwright? The actor? The director? The designer? A combination?

In Momentous Moments: Deconstructing the Theatrical “Event”, using our current UpStage production Seminar, we will explore those elements in a unique and exciting way. By taking several memorable and particularly affecting moments, or in theatre parlance, “events”, and deconstructing them: We’ll take them apart and examine the various elements that, combined, moved you. Stirred you. Made you laugh, cry, sigh, gasp.

Through a kind of stop action theatre, or instant re-play, we’ll explore those “events”, reworking, re-tooling the moments.  In doing so, we will develop an awareness of what makes 2nd Story experience unique: What makes 2nd Story 2nd Story?

Along with myself and the actors, 2nd Story board member and scholar, Rhoda Flaxman, will share and compare the communal experience of artists and audience.

In order to participate in this 90-minute event, it is imperative that you attend a performance of Seminar beforehand. We will ask you to submit for re-play one moment that you found memorable. Four “events” will then be chosen for deconstruction.

If this sounds like something that would intrigue you, excite you, scroll down and sign up for our email list to hear more about the program.

So, if your interest is piqued, get the email and hit reply.

Let’s re-play.

Collected Stories

DownStage / Now thru Feb. 8

The conflict between the established artist and the idolizing fan who becomes a protégé, a disciple, a colleague, a friend and, finally, a threatening rival – is one of those great topics (think All About Eve) and it resurfaces in this provocative, literate and intellectually stimulating work.


UpStage / Now thru Feb. 22

In this smart, sexy, acerbic and provocative comedy, four aspiring young novelists sign up for private writing classes with an renowned literary figure. Under his recklessly brilliant instruction, some thrive and others flounder, sex is used as a weapon, hearts are broken, and lives are forever changed.

Leo’s Ristorante
365 Hope Street, Bristol, RI
(401) 253-9300Crossroads Restaurant
133 Market Street Warren, RI
(401) 245-9305

Rhode Island State Council on the ArtsFunding provided in part by a grant from The Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, through an appropriation by the Rhode Island General Assembly, a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and private funders.

ArtWork by Matt castigliego & Ken Resseger

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