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A note from Ed Shea, Artistic Director

  • 18th January 201418/01/14
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For those of us who love theatre, the theatre critic is an invaluable resource. If his or her opinion is one we trust, if their taste is something we share, then an in-print nod will have us buying tickets in a flash.

But there’s another kind of critic. They have no formal position or publication. They’re simply lovers of theatre. They see a lot of it. They know what they like. They too have opinions.

This Sunday, the press will come to see and review Nicky Silver’s acerbic comedy, THE LYONS. And next week, we’ll be emailing quotes from their reviews to entice you to come.

In the meantime, here are a few quotes from the other critics: your fellow audience members. Like you, they are smart, savvy, sophisticated and passionate about theatre. And just because they have no official title is no reason not to heed their words of encouragement.

“I responded viscerally – laughing, cringing, and sometimes gasping at each new revelation of The Lyons family’s roller coaster life of broken dreams and longing for what never was. Evocative theater, take no prisoners performances! Just go!”
– Susan Eagleson, Barrington, Nurse

“Great show. Considering how dark the comedy is, I found myself both giggling and laughing out loud… a lot!”
– Judy Smith de Perla, East Providence, Teacher & Creator of Middle School Theatre Program

“However did 2nd Story Theatre get my family cast in THE LYONS? Brilliant! Funny! And spot on!”
– Elwood Donnelly, Warren, Musician/Dancer/Dance Caller

I have a great deal of respect for 2nd Story audiences. I value their opinions. I take their advice. I respond to their response.

Might I suggest you do the same?


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