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When a kiss isn’t just a kiss

Kudos to the gang at 2nd Story Theatre for recognizing that “What the world needs now is love sweet love” and for providing it in their lovely production.

by Dave Christner, Newport Mercury

Fairy tales in modernity are much more likely to start out with something like “I met this girl in a bar” than with the more traditional “Once upon a time.” But once the adventure begins, there is little doubt that in one way or another, the end will come with the comforting words: “And they […]

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Prelude to a Kiss

There is no better occasion than the holiday season and the horizon of a new year to experience "Prelude to a Kiss," reminding us to cherish what we have, especially now while we have it.

by Christopher Verleger, EDGE

We all wish we could be somebody else, at some point or another, but we don’t necessarily mean that literally. In 2nd Story Theatre’s endearing, touching production of “Prelude to a Kiss,” Peter, the narrator and hero of this poignant romantic fable by Craig Lucas, discovers that the woman he fell in love with, Rita, […]

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This is a clever and interesting love story, well acted and well staged. Go see it.

by Larry O'Brien,

With PRELUDE TO A KISS, the current offering at 2nd Story Theatre in Warren, RI, playwright Craig Lucas came up with a realistically magical take on the Hollywood formula, boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, boy-gets-girl back. Apparently this theme predates even Hollywood: on the way home from the theater I listened to Monteverdi’s seventeenth century opera, L’Orfeo, based […]

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2nd Story Theatre’s Prelude to a Kiss Proves to be a Romance for All Ages

Today I stand two decades older, having experienced true love and great loss, knowing firsthand that desperate longing to be in another’s shoes – even for a stolen moment.

by Marilyn A. Busch, Motif

Is there a moratorium on the need for spoiler alerts after the 28-year mark? In the interest of any readers under the age of 30, I’ll give you a heads up now not to read past this first paragraph. Craig Lucas’ Prelude to a Kiss is a romantic play that is getting a thoughtful and […]

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Spirit of life and love shines in Warren’s 2nd Story Theatre’s ‘Prelude to a Kiss’

This production of “Prelude to a Kiss” is a beautifully staged, sentimental two-hour respite from anything trying or stressful in the world.

by Susan McDonald, Providence Journal

There should always be space in our lives for a fairy tale, even one that gets very dark in the middle, because there is such joy in a happy ending. There is a fairy tale unfolding at 2nd Story Theatre these days as the company draws its fall series to a close with Craig Lucas’ […]

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Fascinating Emotional Voyeurism in 2nd Story’s Frankie and Johnny

Under the skillful direction of Mark Peckham, the story of two middle-aged people...proves more captivating than anything recently set in the Marvel Universe, available through Netflix, and (quite likely) also set in Hell’s Kitchen.

by Jonathan Jacobs, MotifRI

As the lights fade in on 2nd Story Theatre’s production of Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, we are voyeuristically introduced to the play’s only two characters in a dimly lit scene of uncomfortable intimacy. At that moment, they connect in the moaning throes of romantic entanglement. After that, rarely do they harmonize […]

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Bittersweet love story at 2nd Story

Under the careful direction of Director Mark Peckham, Emily Lewis and Chris Perrotti have perfectly captured the essence of their characters and made them both real.

by Tim Forsberg, Cranston Herald

“Frankie and Johnny were lovers…” the old familiar song begins. In Terrence McNally’s bittersweet play, “Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune,” they are co-workers. He’s a cook and she’s a waitress. The two-act, hour and 45-minute play opens with them having sex in her small apartment. After they get dressed (There is some […]

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Frankie and Johnny In the Claire De Lune

Under the tender, insightful direction of Mark Peckham, Emily Lewis and Chris Perrotti deliver extraordinarily genuine, heartfelt performances.

by Christopher Verleger, EDGE

Love can make us do some crazy things, or it can make us do nothing at all. The man and woman featured in 2nd Story Theatre’s marvelous, endearing production of Terrence McNally’s 1982 play, “Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune,” are both unmistakably struck by Cupid’s arrow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re […]

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2nd Story’s Frankie & Johnny

Nowhere is this tale told with more understanding and empathy than in the production now at 2nd Story Theatre.

By Kathie Raleigh, Woonsocket Call

The play opens on a darkened stage where a man and a woman are barely seen but clearly heard having passionate sex. The question is will this physical encounter lead to something more, a second date, or maybe a true relationship. The play is Terrence McNally’s “Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune,” a […]

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2nd Story Theatre illuminates an unconventional love story

Emily Lewis & Chris Perrotti deliver romantic chemistry in title roles.

by Dave Christner, Newport Mercury

Some might like to think of love as champagne and caviar on the French Riviera, but a burger and fries and sweating bottle of Budweiser in a cold water flat is a no less legitimate picture of what love is to ordinary working people — cops, factory workers, bus drivers, waitresses, salesmen and short-order cooks. […]

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