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And Number Two Is…..

Next up, in late October: Lee Blessing’s Eleemosynary.

I’ve been producing 2nd Story Theatre for more than (gulp!) 35 years, and in all that time, there are only a handful of productions that continue to hound and haunt me.

Lee Blessing’s Eleemosynary is such a play.

The title, meaning charitable or benevolent, relates to a young girl’s determination to win a national spelling bee. But it also applies to the ever-changing, always demanding, ultimately rewarding relationship between a girl, her mother and her grandmother.

An extraordinary play – funny, perceptive, eloquent and familiar – this masterfully simple work examines the subtle and often perilous relationship between three remarkable women.  Carefully and lovingly wrought, it gently reminds us what it truly means to give.

While working in our new DownStage space, a few plays popped into my head that would sparkle in that environment.  I took note of how the most delicate and personal moments were magnified, amplified in that room.  Eleemosynary and the DownStage are a perfect match.  Like the characters in the play, they will bring out the best in each other.

As you can tell, I love this play.  Deeply.

I think you’ll agree, upon seeing it, that it’s no coincidence it was written by a man named Blessing.

So that’s #2.  Stay tuned for #3.


And Then There Were None

UpStage in Rep / Now thru August 31
A mysterious host brings an unlikely group of guests to a remote island where, one by one, they start to die. Who’s the killer? Who’s the next victim? Following the success of last summer’s Mousetrap, we thought we’d invite you to enjoy another murderously entertaining whodunit.

Hay Fever

UpStage in Rep / Now thru August 29
This classic comedy introduces us to the uber- bohemian Bliss family: the father, a famous writer; the mother, a renowned actress, and two equally eccentric children. Each invites a friend to their summer home where the hosts foist each guest off on a different family member, with alarmingly delightful results.

Sylvia returns September 4 thru 14!

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